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G2A UNDER FIRE from Developers - The Know Game News

G2A's been in hot water with developers recently. Since their deal with Gearbox to distribute Bulletstorm: Full Clip fell apart over accusations that the Steam key reseller operates a grey marketplace, they've been struggling to get their message across. Which is why a G2A rep decided to present at a developers conference. What could go wrong?Linkdump: By: Eddy RivasEdited By: Kdin JenzenHosted By: Ashley Jenkins and Mica BurtonGet More News ALL THE TIME: http://www.theknow.tvFollow The Know on Twitter: The Know on Facebook: Teeth Store: Teeth: Business Inquiries: to the RT Channel: to the AH Channel: to the Let's Play Channel: to The Know Channel: to the Red vs. Blue Channel: to the Funhaus Channel: to the Slow Mo Guys Channel:

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