Petty Fake News Embarrassment and The Hernandez Controversy Gets Weirder!

Happy Thursday, you Beautiful Bastards! Let’s talk about some newsy type stuff…Go save yourself some money w/ TING!: http://phil.ting.comOh no… Not again… Vlog:————————————DISGUSTING! Deleted Video Exposes HUGE Problem In DO5 YouTube Scandal: Abuse Scandal Apology And Why It Fails To Fix Anything:————————————TODAY IN AWESOME:Cloak and Dagger Trailer: Ones w/ DJ Snake: & Bill Nye: Link: Trump Patriots Photo: Hernandez Suicide: Lahren vs. The Blaze: O’Reilly Payout: Abuse Scandal:All of my coverage:————————————GET SOME GEAR:————————————FACEBOOK: TheDeFrancoFamREDDIT: http://DeFrancoMistakes.comSOUNDCLOUD: http://letsmakemistakestogether.comGOOGLE PLAY:————————————Edited by:James Girardier - by:Amanda Morones - Graphics Artist:Brian Borst -

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